Monday, February 25, 2013


Yoho! Like the title suggest, I shall write about best friend.
Well, IRL best friend this year. I have three of them (probably lol) so they are TUNISHAH, AZHAR and the newest one...... *drum rolls* NASRUL!!!! Let's give him an award for joining in the circle.

Anyway I shall start my essay with Nasrul first. Ah,,, entahlah, kami mula berkawan waktu Januari, mulanya kami tak rapat tapi lepas kerap cakap dngan dia dah jadi rapat. Welp, he's really a reliable (sort of) guy and creepy of most time.


He's sometime creepy but from people's appearance, he's just the average Joe people noooo you are deceived.  I remembered this one time he walks around the classroom like a crazy psychopath holding the hammer he found inside his desk.
Don't come near me bro. Nu'uh no you don't

Done with Nasrul now onto Azhar. 
Ahahaha.ha.hah. Oh... Azhar. 

He's probably the most sensitive in our circle but as time pass, he gradually became a strong person and a much cheerful one to add. He used to maki people a lot and was very short-tempered. In short, you can call him the "Once upon a time's villain". 

We fought a few times before cause of his attitude but he changed. Anyway, the only thing about himethat never change is his character of being a good listener. 


Anyway, Azhar laughs a lot I don't get his kotak ketawa I mean it's either me who's hard in accepting jokes or just him having a broken kotak ketawa.

I'm intending to keep my post short so the last one is Tunishah~! She's like the hot babe in the group.

Whenever she walks it feels like this
for the fact it's actually like this

Back to the topic, Tunishah is a friendly and a social-butterfly. She befriends lots of people.
That's all. End of  story.
Lol joke, there's more.
Tunishah is really kind and sometimes I get annoyed by that. HEY I'M JUST BEING SINCERE HERE.
The first time she came to this school, she embarrassed me cause of something Oh dear God I don't wanna talk about it. Heh, then, due to Tunishah's stright-forward character and she's the type that likes to curse, people weren't all that comfortable with her.
But I keep up with it and learned her personality, in the end I befriends her naturally (at first I was sort of scared of her lol) and our bonds deepen after the camp at Matunggong.

Even though her mark isn't one of the best, I KNOW SHE TRIES THE HARDEST AMONG EVERYONE! This year, a fairy came upon her and made her a person who finish her work I feel so ashamed of myself but luckily I have this face
Just for the sake of borrowing her homework.

To end my post, I wanna say I'm sorry for being a bitch and sometimes ignore you guys out of fedupcity I know I'm wrong but let's hope this friendship last :3
Love you guys forever (probably lol)


Saturday, January 5, 2013

Ooh The Great Things That Happened on Friday

Yo wazzup, Shorty's here! Blogging in the middle of the night and my English way of talking might be slightly changed since I've just listened to Pewdiepie's Swedish accent. Anyway I'm here to talk about what happened on Friday.

It was raining cats and dogs in the morning so my mom sent me into the school's building instead of dropping me off at the school gate. And then kami mulakan bacaan Yassin dan pengetua berucap yadayada and stuff. Semua selesai dan kami pun masuklah ke kelas, mulakan subject pertama: Matematik. Yes, Mathematics, not Add Maths.

So then the teacher started talking stuff like "People I want you to be good and when you enter the university, don't be a person who threatens their own country.

Is this even Maths anymore.

Suddenly, he stares at me and walks toward me. 


Teacher: Apa nama kamu?
Me: Sabirah.
Teacher: *reads my nametag* Okay Sabirah. Cuba kamu senyum sikit, dari tadi cikgu tgok kamu ni tense je muka.

Oooh Thank you so much teacher! I received the unwanted attention again (kawan sekelas sumer tgok aku). To make it worst, I have a panic attack so THAT IS SO NOT COOL BRO. 
Jadi nak puaskan hati cikgu aku pun senyum. 

Macam senyum terpaksa ada, senyum malu pun ada sbb sumer orang dah renung. Ntahlah tapi muka aku mmng camni. Aku snyum pun orng nampak tak senyum, tpi betul gaklah... Muka aku 75% of the time slalu muka blurr. Macam kucing kat bawah ni.

After that, our English teacher (ntah cikgu betul ke cikgu saja masuk sbb aku tak hafal cikgu) enters the classroom and gave a survey form. There are 21 questions divided into 3 sections: Stress, Anxiety (Kegemuruhan), and Kemurungan. Each of the questions has marks beside them 0 - 3 and we need to circle one. 

My Result: Stress- 9/21 | Anxiety- 17/21 | Kemurungan- 1/21
Well, it's expected kegemuruhan aku markah tinggi, aku kan ada panic attack. Kemurungan plak 1 je sbb soalan dia yang macam "Rasa nak putus asa", "Rasa diri tiada guna" etc. Aku kan orang yang positif and optimistic so mestilah rendah result murung aku. 

After recess, we had our PKN (Pendidikan Kesihatan/ Health Education) and the teacher just chatted with us. Seriously, the teacher want us to raise our hand one by one when he called and I was freaking nervous!
Later there's our Biology class and that's it. Yesterday I was very sure I had lots to talk about but meh. Maybe someday later.

Bye~! Thanks for reading.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Second Day of School

I've totally forgotten about having a blog <- A result of ignoring my blog throughout last year.

Anyway today is the second day of school and I was admitted into the Pure Science class. Dunno why but my school has set that every SPM candidate is only allowed to take 9. SPM-ist. This is very much unfair to those who wanted to take 10. How did I know? Here-

Me: Cikgu, boleh tak kalau saya nak ambil Seni sebagai subjek tambahan biarpun saya kelas Sains Tulen?
Teacher: Hrmm nanti saya bincang dengan Pengetua.
Me: Saya sanggup stay lepas sekolah nak ambil kelas seni.
Teacher: .....
Teacher: Oh maaflah, cikgu lupa yang sekolah ni dah tetapkan maksima 9 subjek sahaja.


Or as what Halim said, Classist. Other school was like, "Hey people, we got to take max 10 subjects ahahaha." and our school? (Student rampage right now)

My school system is really weird, seriously. Kalau skolah lain kan ada option sains satu ke dua kan? Sekolah ni dah tetapkan pelajar masuk kelas sains mana pastu aliran sains tulen kena ambil Physic, Chemistry, Add Maths, and get to choose either the final extra subject to be Biology or Account Principle.

Heh, cikgu Prinsip Akaun tu suka memaki budak jadi sumer pilih Bio tapi tadi cikgu Bio macam threaten pelajar (mungkin sebab nak seimbangkan bio ngan PA), dia bagi tunjuk Bio chapter 2 pastu sumer cam nak pindah ke Prinsip Akaun.

Sumer orang dah keliru, unlike me, I was like

Okay fine I was unsure either. I don't in particular like Account and Biology is awesome but those frogs and insects part... But in the end I still chooses Biology ohoho.

During history lesson, the teacher chooses person randomly to discuss to current topic in front of the class. I was very certain the teacher was going to choose me so I made a preparations note earlier. In my mind, "Ko boleh buat. Tahun ni Sabirah takkan nervous lagi, ini ialah Sabirah yang baru!"

And BAM, she chose me!

And when I head to the front of the class, ambik nervous gila cam orang nak kahwin. Rasa mcam tak guna note aku, sumer point aku hentam terabur.

^ Basically how I felt when in front of the class ^

By the way, I received a lot of wonderful threatening glares from my classmates when the history teacher mistook my question: "Teacher, do we need to prepare notes for History?" for "Do we need to do notes for today's lesson?" instead.

Guess that's all to talk about today.

P/S: If Ainin is reading this, Happy Birthday for tomorrow :D Best of Luck for 2013.