Monday, December 31, 2012

HAPPY 2013~!

Like the title say, Happy 2013 everyone! Hope you guys had a fun start. Anyway, Yoroshiku Onegai Shimasu. I, Shortnime/ Shorty/ Sabie (you can call me whichever up to your favor) shall be handling this blog. I'll try to update frequently ah and also,

Saya juga akan menaip dalam bahasa Melayu kadang2.

It's kinda hard getting used to blogging in Malay cause I write crap lots of time so, yeah.
Well, let the first post be short for we have a long year ahead of us.
Once again, HAPPY 2013. Have some crappy doodle of mine

(I doodled 13 pic actually. You can view most of my art at my tumblr: Shortnime's Doodle Blog.  )
Ohohoho Selamat 2013~!
Because Happy New Year is too mainstream.