Saturday, January 5, 2013

Ooh The Great Things That Happened on Friday

Yo wazzup, Shorty's here! Blogging in the middle of the night and my English way of talking might be slightly changed since I've just listened to Pewdiepie's Swedish accent. Anyway I'm here to talk about what happened on Friday.

It was raining cats and dogs in the morning so my mom sent me into the school's building instead of dropping me off at the school gate. And then kami mulakan bacaan Yassin dan pengetua berucap yadayada and stuff. Semua selesai dan kami pun masuklah ke kelas, mulakan subject pertama: Matematik. Yes, Mathematics, not Add Maths.

So then the teacher started talking stuff like "People I want you to be good and when you enter the university, don't be a person who threatens their own country.

Is this even Maths anymore.

Suddenly, he stares at me and walks toward me. 


Teacher: Apa nama kamu?
Me: Sabirah.
Teacher: *reads my nametag* Okay Sabirah. Cuba kamu senyum sikit, dari tadi cikgu tgok kamu ni tense je muka.

Oooh Thank you so much teacher! I received the unwanted attention again (kawan sekelas sumer tgok aku). To make it worst, I have a panic attack so THAT IS SO NOT COOL BRO. 
Jadi nak puaskan hati cikgu aku pun senyum. 

Macam senyum terpaksa ada, senyum malu pun ada sbb sumer orang dah renung. Ntahlah tapi muka aku mmng camni. Aku snyum pun orng nampak tak senyum, tpi betul gaklah... Muka aku 75% of the time slalu muka blurr. Macam kucing kat bawah ni.

After that, our English teacher (ntah cikgu betul ke cikgu saja masuk sbb aku tak hafal cikgu) enters the classroom and gave a survey form. There are 21 questions divided into 3 sections: Stress, Anxiety (Kegemuruhan), and Kemurungan. Each of the questions has marks beside them 0 - 3 and we need to circle one. 

My Result: Stress- 9/21 | Anxiety- 17/21 | Kemurungan- 1/21
Well, it's expected kegemuruhan aku markah tinggi, aku kan ada panic attack. Kemurungan plak 1 je sbb soalan dia yang macam "Rasa nak putus asa", "Rasa diri tiada guna" etc. Aku kan orang yang positif and optimistic so mestilah rendah result murung aku. 

After recess, we had our PKN (Pendidikan Kesihatan/ Health Education) and the teacher just chatted with us. Seriously, the teacher want us to raise our hand one by one when he called and I was freaking nervous!
Later there's our Biology class and that's it. Yesterday I was very sure I had lots to talk about but meh. Maybe someday later.

Bye~! Thanks for reading.

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